Dean of the College A. Dr. Fakher Jabr Matar Ajeel Al-Mohammadawi

My dear students, welcome to your second home, which secures for you a decent life with a prosperous and promised future. I am pleased to see your bright faces and open platforms, in which I glimpse a love of knowledge, an aspiration for knowledge, enthusiasm, determination, activity, and a smiling hope for a bright and perfect future of Allah ’s goodness. Your other house and its appearance indicate the condition of its people... Its distinction is from your distribution, its superiority is your fulfillment, its cleanliness is from your faith, it is a trust in your eyes, and everything in it is in your hands, for you to benefit from it, so make it the dearest thing you possess and remember the academic years in which they are the sweetest for your learning, which will remain in your minds with the illumination of Allah  You have paths of success, and yet we follow the example of the teacher and educator of humanity, our most honorable Messenger, may Allahs prayers and peace be upon him, his family, and his pure companions... and from Allah , success is granted