Message from the Chairman of Kut University College Board Assist.Prof. Talib Almoussawi(PhD)

Our dear students:

Peace be upon you.

It’s a pleasure for me to welcome you in the campus of Kut University college. My sincere wishes and my pure supplication for you. I wish you every success in your scholastic new year. Its undoubtable that professional work leads to develop nations. When you want to be professionals and useful for your country and to make your university proud, it’s a must to know that if you want to be expert workers, it takes continuing effort in learning and practicing basic and applied knowledge and science. Furthermore, acquiring abilities and skills linked with these professions, is so important to master them. It’s essential to have ethics and to follow lofty principles during working. It’s important to mention that the goal behind preparing you in our college is not only for educational purposes , but to improve and refine your personality by going through different available activates. It’s a must for you my dear students to invest time and to be careful to benefit of what is available in your university scientifically and educationally like sources of knowledge out and inside the university. For you, Its important to seek developing yourself culturally, scientifically, socially and developing your physical ability during the available student activities in the university. This guide was prepared to inform you about the college’s departments and its cultural, sport, social activities to accomplish a great benefit and to be distinguished workers and employees. Labor market is looking for you to put your country in the front. Greetings for all of you and I wish that you enjoy your study in our college to make us proud when you graduate and when you shine while taking responsibility. God is the arbiter of success Dr. Talib Zeedan Almoussawi Chairman of Kut University College Board

د.طالب زيدان الموسوي

رئيس مجلس إدارة كلية الكوت الجامعة