The Graduate Qualification Unit was established at Al-Kut University College under Administrative Order No. 2303 on 2/13/2022, which is concerned with changing society’s concepts regarding dependence on government jobs and jobs in the private sector and waiting for them, spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among the different groups of society, and educating society about the importance of entrepreneurship for the individual economy and society to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty. It is also concerned with developing the capabilities and skills of graduate students so that they can apply and compete for jobs after their graduation through a set of training and rehabilitation programs during and after their study period, as well as opening prospects for cooperation with the public and private sectors in order to market them to the labor market. Also, this unit undertakes the rehabilitation of students and graduates through the establishment of training courses and workshops in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market represented by the government sector and the private sector in order to contribute to building a prosperous and advanced society on which state institutions are based.

Employers' opinion of graduates

Dear Employer: Kut University College is pleased to appreciate your assistance in evaluating the performance of college graduates in their field of work, by answering the paragraphs of this questionnaire honestly, accurately and objectively. Dealing with your answer confidentially.