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The President of the Association of Iraqi Private Universities and Colleges, Assistant Professor Dr. Talib Al-Musawi, visits the Ministry of Higher Education today, accompanied by Representative Intisar Al-Gharibawi, in order to obtain the approval of the Minister to add extra seats to private colleges

زار الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور طالب الموسوي رئيس رابطة الجامعات

The Supervision and Evaluation Authority at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research extends its thanks and appreciation to the Dean of Kut University College; For the Center for Research and Studies of the College to issue a book on the phenomenon of drugs in Iraq.

بالنظر لجهود عميد كلية الكوت الجامعة الأستاذ المتمرس الدكتور

تقويم ورش كلية الكوت الجامعة

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