Vision: By 2012, the unit wants Al-Kut University College to play a leading role in both local and global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. ‎

Message: The unit plays a crucial role in accomplishing the SDGs by planning and collaborating with faculty and students in the college’s scientific departments. Therefore, the emphasis will be on putting the sustainable development goals into practice as well as creating a sustainable campus through knowledge, competition, partnerships with all parties, and increasing staff and student capacities. Sustainable development goals are reached in a balanced way by using a scientific method that aligns with the most effective methods used today around the world. ‎


  1. Integrating sustainable development into the university community’s traditions and culture
  2. Overseeing sustainable development-related activities at the university ‎
  3. Incorporating sustainability into academic life
  4. Implement methods and projects over time to monitor the university’s performance in terms of sustainability.
  5. On the main campus, keep an eye on and record any sustainability-related solutions.
  6. Provide details about the university’s sustainability-related activities.
  7. Educating people about sustainability-related concerns both inside and outside of the campus
  8. Publishing annual updates on university progress towards sustainability ‎



At Al-Kut University College, transformation into a regional and international icon of excellence in the study of sustainability within higher education institutions is the goal of the sustainable development unit.

Advancing academic realities to meet the needs of sustainable development on the university campus and using cutting-edge scientific methods to stay up with development.‎

In order to promote healthy environmental practices in all facets of campus life, the unit also works to foster a culture of sustainability, increase awareness of sustainability, and promote environmental protection.