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The Center for Studies, Research and Publishing is a distinguished scientific icon at Kut University College

After its establishment, studies, research and publication in 2013 AD, it is run by a group of professors with various scientific titles. So, thanks to the efforts exerted by scientific institutions and scientific services, in which there are multiple activities, represented by the issuance of two peer-reviewed journals, the first in Nature. , and the other for humanities accredited in promotions, as well as publishing dozens of scientific and higher membership books.
It has also become a means of scientific and knowledge communication with scientific centers in many universities in the world, and its communication with important scientific sites such as forum sites, newspapers and many scientific sites, especially global health and weather sites, civil society organizations, centers of scientific and knowledge ministries, and curricula and education platforms Iraqi and global electronic.
The center is still striving to develop its knowledge and media network, and to maintain its close relations after the college established treaties and covenants with important scientific centers in Arab, European and Afro-Asian universities
And from God is success.

Center vision

Leadership in studies and research, and quality in scientific consultations.

Center message

Contributing to the development of scientific research to serve the community and the development of research and scientific activities in the college, and urging male and female researchers to develop their scientific competencies and refine their self-skills to raise the level of scientific research as well as building bridges of communication and cooperation between the college and its surrounding environment.

Center goals

The Research and Studies Center aims to encourage and support scientific research and create the appropriate environment to activate the scientific research activity in the college. It also contributes to directing research and studies in the direction of development, serving the community, preparing studies and research, writing books and translating distinguished books that contribute to strengthening the academic scientific research process at Kut College. The university, which achieves an advanced rank in international quality standards, and the issuance of a semi-annual refereed journal to publish the research and studies of faculty members from inside and outside the college

مهام مركز البحوث والدراسات .

  1. Analyzing reality, and providing future visions in order to advance a new reality or develop the current reality to a better level
  2. They are centers for producing ideas, finding a way to apply them, and measuring their effectiveness in various areas of life
  3. plans and strategies based on scientific foundations to stakeholders; In order to make decisions on solid, studied and prepared foundations in advance, according to scientific facts and realistic data
  4. Scientific research in all fields, generating ideas and striving to achieve them.
  5. . Cooperate with research centers and institutes inside and outside Iraq and provide modern scientific publications for researchers to raise the level of research, university education and postgraduate studies

 Persian Language Centre It is a program center concerned with teaching the Persian language, two feet to study in it for the requirements of non-native speakers, affiliated to the College of International Studies at Ferdowsi University - Mashhad, and it is a meeting place for scholars and learners from all over the world of different nationalities; It offers teaching the Persian language and its pioneering cultures. It has become available to those interested in learning the Persian language unconditionally

 أُنشئ المركز في عام 2016م ، وبدأ بتقديم برامجه للطلبة الراغبين بالدراسة في جامعات الجمهورية الإسلامية الإيرانية ، أما اليوم ، فقد أصبح متاحاً أمام المهتمين بتعلم اللغة الفارسية من دون قيد أو شرط

To become one of the leading centers in English language and computer education at the national level by placing the concept of quality as a basis in all activities and defining standards of excellence in education and curricula

The center's mission is to provide intensive English language and computer courses through international curricula and to provide the student with all the knowledge and skills that will raise his level in academic and specialized fields. The center also supports teaching the English language and computer skills through programs that are scheduled in accordance with the requirements of the university and educational and service institutions in the Iraqi state.


It aims to develop the skills of graduates of universities, agencies and institutes, professional and administrative workers in state institutions, and teaching staff working in the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Education in the field of English and computer at all levels (beginner - intermediate - advanced) according to an advanced global curriculum in addition to the establishment of relevant international tests Language The center works to achieve the previous goals through the following:

Preparing specialized training and qualification courses at various levels in the field of English language and computer
Organizing international English language and computer exams (such as TOEFL, IC3, etc.).
Contracting with state departments and institutions to prepare and implement rehabilitation, training and development programs for their staff of teachers, engineers, technicians and administrators in the field of English language and computer
Spreading knowledge and awareness in the field of the English language and computers through the preparation of introductory pamphlets, various publications, and the establishment of exhibitions.

Arabic language safety courses at Kut University College.

Due to the importance of the Arabic language, and in order to preserve it as the language of the Holy Qur’an and the language of communication among the people of one people, as well as correspondence and communications in state departments, and in implementation of the recommendations of the Permanent Committee for Preserving the Integrity of the Arabic Language, and under the guidance of Professor Dr. Ali Abdul Hussein Zuwain, Dean of Kut University College The Arabic Language Department has held several courses on the soundness of the Arabic language since 2017 AD and still, and the courses aim to develop employees’ skills and provide the opportunity for participants to gain sound language skills. To master the Arabic language verbally and in writing, to identify common linguistic and grammatical errors, to correct them and to ensure correct expression, and to use punctuation marks in writing correctly, as well as to teach administrative employees the language of communication in official books and to master it. The number of courses held by the Arabic Language Department was for ten days, and the number of courses was There are six courses held each academic year, in which department professors lecture, as well as external professors.

د. عبد الرضا جواد حيال .
رئيس قسم اللغة العربية
كلية الكوت الجامعة .

Because manuscripts are of great importance in enriching the Arab library with traditional sciences and knowledge, the Council of Kut University College decided to create a center for the investigation of various scientific, historical, linguistic, and literary manuscripts, and Professor Dr. Fakher Jabr Matar was appointed director of the center. Authorizing it to establish relationships with local, Arab and international libraries. To investigate manuscripts in order to verify them; To revive Arab heritage, and to supply Iraqi and Arab libraries with precious relics.
And from God is success.

Creation of the Center for Islamic Christian Studies at Kut University College in cooperation with the representative of the Vatican in Eastern Europe…

In order to build an intellectual framework that stems from the cultural, historical and intellectual constants between the Islamic religion and Christianity and the importance of the Pope's historical visit to Iraq, Al-Kut University College established the Center for Islamic Christian Studies, which is the first center in Iraq and with the blessing of the rational authority in Najaf.

The college council unanimously chose His Eminence, Ayatollah the jurist Hussein Al-Sayed Ismail Al-Sadr (may his shadow be long) to be the honorary president of the center due to his efforts to bring together religions, sects and nationalities and to his scientific, religious, social and cultural status in Iraq.

The representative of the Vatican, Rev. Professor Srumy Sabulj, Minister of Religious Affairs of Hungary (Hungary) was present. He was received by Mr. Ayatollah Faqih Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr (may his long shadow be long), Mr. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kut University College, Assistant Professor Dr. Talib Zaidan Al-Mousawi, and Mr. President of Wasit University, Prof. Dr. Mazen Al-Hasani.

It is worth noting that the establishment of the Center for Islamic-Christian Studies came with a proposal by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Kut University College, Assistant Professor Dr. Talib Zaidan Al-Mousawi, in order to present the true picture of the authentic Muhammadan Islam and the relationship of Christ, peace be upon him, with the Holy Qur’an, and the relationship of Christ with our Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace). and his family and peace) and the relationship of Christ with the heritage of Ahl al-Bayt

Peace be upon them, and linking the sufferings of the Lord Christ, peace be upon him, to the injustice of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), because the sacrifice of the soul and the body is the same in order to achieve the messages of heaven on earth, and since God Almighty created our father Adam, peace be upon him, taught him human dialogue for the sake of salvation, and the foundation for civilized, human and intellectual dialogue between religions comes Islamic, Christian, justice and equality.

Digital learning

Digital learning is any type of learning accompanied by technology or educational practice that uses technology effectively. It serves as an effective technical strategy, which is customized for each type of education according to the nature of its business.

Among the benefits of digital transformation:

  • Accelerating the daily way of working by harnessing the amazing technological development that has been achieved, because it helps increase productivity at work, and reduce errors and risks. One of its benefits to the student is that he will become an active and active element in the educational process, and not just an affected element. The teacher will no longer be a subjective element of knowledge, but will direct the student to various sources of information. Retrieve all exam results in a very short time; Students will be able to access test results in the online system
  • One of its benefits to the student is that he will become an active and active element in the educational process, and not just an affected element. The teacher will no longer be a subjective element of knowledge, but will direct the student to various sources of information. Retrieve all exam results in a very short time; Students will be able to access test results in the online system
  • Retrieve all exam results in a very short time; Students will be able to access test results in the online system

The Electronic Calculator and Information Technology Center was established within the administrative formations of Kut University College pursuant to Administrative Order No. K/2020/979 on 11/16/2020. Kut University By supporting the Center for Electronic Calculators and Information Technology to become an independent center similar to the prestigious Iraqi universities affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Its importance comes in order to organize the tasks and objectives assigned to the center after the urgent and growing need emerged to establish an electronic government that organizes the administrative work of the scientific departments and centers affiliated with the college, in addition to spreading culture and awareness of computers for all college members, and assisting official state departments and the private sector in implementing efficient systems. To manage its business. In addition, we help teachers convert their lectures into electronic portfolios that are available to students at all times, as well as creating an interactive environment rich in applications based on computer and Internet technologies that enable students to access learning resources at any time and from anywhere.


The Center for Continuing Education relies on the principle of a productive university by providing rehabilitation and training programs for teaching and professional staff, Al Kut College and other educational institutions to develop their functional and educational performance. It seeks to make education take its true dimensions in making the entire society a theater of activity and cooperation. Continuing education becomes one of the most prominent manifestations of this activity, and the Education Center adopts Continuing it all.

The message  

The Center for Development and Continuing Education, the window overlooking society, meets all its training needs in various specializations and in line with the momentum of knowledge and the changes taking place in the world everywhere and at all times, and works to enhance the professional and technical skills of trainees by offering advanced training programs to advance individuals and institutions and consolidate the principle of partnership. Sustainable development between the university and other state sectors as well as community members.

Center objectives 

1- Holding courses and workshops on modern university teaching methods to train and develop teaching staff at the university and other educational institutions.

 2- Organizing specialized training courses for university faculty members and employees in light of their job requirements

 3- Helping people in various professions, including employees and others, acquire the skills and experiences that enable them to face the cultural, social, technological and other changes and developments that the revolution brings about in the areas of life. 

4- Providing an innovative, advanced training environment in the field of continuing education with diverse educational sources that simulate the desired cognitive development. 
5- Coordinating work with various government institutions by opening various training courses according to their needs in order to achieve the best services to the community

6- Developing cultural and educational relations with similar bodies inside and outside Iraq, and organizing seminars, meetings and seminars in various fields.


Enhancing food production in Iraq through applied research programs to develop high-yield and better adapted crop varieties, more effective sustainable agricultural practices and water management while enhancing and preserving the natural resource base.
The Center seeks to enhance the role and importance of protected agriculture methods and technology in providing food security and increasing the well-being of small and middle-income farmers through capacity building, training, applied research, technology transfer, and exchange of experiences with regional and international partners for agricultural research, the private sector, and government institutions. “
The importance of this center lies in the urgent need dictated by the responsibility towards the issue of food security in the region in light of the political and economic changes in the various production areas and their repercussions on the trade in food products, which makes it necessary for everyone to search for possible alternatives locally in light of the presence of capabilities and resources that can help. In developing the prevailing agricultural production systems, this can only be achieved through research, scientific studies, and good agricultural training programs, and therefore the center is considered important in such circumstances.

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