In a wonderful Ramadan atmosphere and a large public presence, on Wednesday evening, corresponding to 4/19/2023, the third Ramadan football championship competitions were concluded, which were held at the stadiums of Al-Kut College under the auspices of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Abdul Zahra Al-Rubaie and the participation of (15) teams according to the individual installment system.
The final match resulted in the victory of the Kut University College team over the Panthers team, with a score of (3-2)
The gymnastics and taekwondo teams presented a show between the two halves of the match
At the end of the match, gifts were distributed to the first winning team that won the championship cup and to the runner-up team by Prof. Dr. Abdul-Zahra Al-Rubaie.
The honorable guests praised the good organization, reception, hospitality and welcome. ? Central Media at Al-Kut University College 4/20/2023.

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? الإعلام المركزي في كلية الكوت الجامعة 20 / 4 / 2023 .