The Department of English is committed to fostering language proficiency, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. We offer a range of academic programs, led by experienced professors and supported by dedicated staff members. Our students have access to resources such as writing centers, scholarships, and tutoring services. We strive to collaborate with other departments and institutions to drive innovation in teaching and research.


Our mission is to establish clear objectives and goals that focus on promoting English language literacy and proficiency. Through creating engaging and inclusive educational programs, and providing resources and support for language learning, we aim to enrich the language skills( Listening, Speaking , Reading and Writing )of our students.


The department aims to create graduates equipped with:

  1. Intercultural skills and flexibility to help them interact with others smoothly.
  2. The knowledge and linguistic competence so that they would make use of English to develop their academic level and be engaged in other branches of the world of business.
  3. A set of skills like conceptual, literacy and communication skills that can be, in return, transferred to others.
  4. The ability to accomplish an academic achievement depending on themselves.
  5. The sense that they commit themselves to develop their skills in speaking and reading English making use of this aspect for further development educationally, socially and culturally.

Experienced and  Dedicated Professors

Our faculty consists of accomplished scholars and passionate educators who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Supportive and Knowledgeable Staff Members

Our dedicated staff members are committed to providing guidance and support to students throughout their academic journey.

Future Initiatives and Collaborations

Partnerships with other departments and institutions We actively seek collaborations with other departments and institutions to facilitate interdisciplinary research and promote the exchange of knowledge.
Innovative teaching and research projects We encourage and support innovative teaching methods and research projects, empowering our faculty and students to explore new avenues of learning.

Through our commitment to excellence in education, the Department of English equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional success. We strive to create a vibrant academic community that nurtures both intellectual growth and personal development.